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The Habit Loop

Lesson 1: The Habit Loop



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Length: 9:56


25% of Week 9

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Understand what a habit is, why the brain likes to create these automatic habits and what the 5 steps to the habit loop are.[/text_block]

The Habit Loop

Actions Steps


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  • Affirmations PM

    It’s now time to add in your affirmations into your night-time routine.

    At this stage your morning routine is hopefully well underway following the process of meditation, visualization and then affirmations. We would now like you to try and do the same thing at night time right before going to be bed.

    Start with your night time meditation to clear your mind and relax you, do your visualizations picturing your life vision as though you have achieved it already and then say your affirmations aloud.

    It’s time to let the power of the subconscious mind really go to work for you at night-time.




Exercise 1

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  • Re-write Your Affirmations

    The subconscious mind ,the place where positive change begins, responds automatically to something that’s both simpler and even more powerful that a statement…

    So what’s more powerful than a statement? A QUESTION…

    You see when you ask a question, your mind automatically begins to search for an answer.

    You can’t help it. It’s automatic. It happens without your volition. It could be argued that searching for an answer to a question is perhaps the most basic and fundamental function of the human mind!

    If you keep saying statements but you do not believe your positive statements, then why not as a question instead so your mind can go to work for you and find the answer.

    So at this point we would like you to change your affirmations up slightly if you haven’t done so already by changing them from a statement to a question.

    Make sure that you make your questions empowering and in a positive frame because if you ask yourself negative questions you will get negative answers. For example if you ask yourself questions like:

    – Why don’t I have enough money?
    – Why am I so lonely?
    – Why am I so fat?
    – Why do I never get the breaks other people get?

    These disempowering questions are going to give you disempowering negative answers.

    If you can however frame your questions as a positive then you will get empowering answers. Take the question from above ‘why am I so fat’, what about changing this to something empowering like ‘why is it so easy for me to lose weight’. The way you answer these questions are very different so make sure your questions are empowering.

    So, see if you can re-write your affirmations as an empowering question instead of just a statement. For example is you affirmation was:

    “I am rich and consistently earning over $100,000 per year”

    Now change it to an empowering question:

    “Why am I so rich and consistently earning over $100,000 every year”

    Whilst this example is only a very subtle change it gives you an idea of how to re-work your affirmations. By doing this your subconscious mind can go to work for you and figure out how to make this affirmation a reality.

    And better yet doing this as part of your night-time routine you have all night for your subconscious to figure this out and create opportunities in your life that you weren’t aware of before.

    Remember to keep a small note pad and pen by the bed, there is a good chance you may wake up in the night or first thing the next morning with that one idea that will make this affirmation a reality. When this happens you have about 20 seconds that your conscious mind can hold onto it so get the pen to paper ASAP.

    Once your affirmations have been re-written make sure you use these for your when doing your affirmations in your morning routine as well.

    These morning and night-time routines are powerful techniques that we would like you to implement into your life so they become habitual. You now understand the 5 components of the habit loop so lets make these habits deliver you the results you want in your life.