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5 Year Goals

Lesson 4: Your 5 Year Goals



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Length: 6:13


80% of Week 7

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Build out your 5 years goals by chunking down your 10 year goals and bringing in some of your bucket list items.[/text_block]

Actions Steps

Exercise 2

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  • Complete Your 5 Year Goals

    Before you start your 5 year goals you need to make sure you have completed the exercise of setting your 10 years goals from last week. If you haven’t go back and do that first, if you have completed them fantastic, let’s press on.

    You should have your ‘Goal Setting Worksheet’ open and be using your 10 years goals as the outline to start breaking them down into smaller milestones for the slightly shorter term goals of 5 years.

    The 5 step Goal Setting Process again is:

    1 – Define What, Why and When
    2 – Conformity
    3 – Scope
    4 – Develop a Blueprint
    5 – Draw Up an Action Plan

    At the 10 year goal setting we only asked you to focus on step 2 (conformity) and step 3 (scope). Now we are moving into the 5 year goals you will ideally add in step 1 (define what, why and when) and step 4 (develop a blueprint).

    As mentioned in the video you do not need to worry about adding in Step 5 at the 5 year goals mark unless you feel you can comfortably do so. Drawing up your action plan will come in over the later weeks as we continue to chunk these longer terms goals down to the shorter term more immediate goals.

    When considering your 5 years goals not only look at your 10 year goals and consider milestones you would like to hit at the 5 year mark. But also go back to your bucket list and start to place the items on the list in order of when you would like to achieve them (be, do or have them).

    Also consider the items on your bucket list and look for ways you can group a number of items into one goal. For example if you have travelled to 5 of the 7 continents and the 6th one is South America plus you have a number of travel destinations in South America then you could group these altogether as one 5 year goal.

    Again this is still relatively long term however you should certainly be getting more specific with your goals at this stage and this will put you in a really good position to start moving into the more medium and shorter term goals as we move through the next few weeks.

    Try not to rush ahead and take your time setting these goals, the process of starting from the top down is really important as if you rush these it will ultimately mean your shorter term goals are not representative of what you really want to achieve.

    Plus we really want you to start thinking about the decisions you are making right now and how they will move you closer to these longer term goals.