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10 Year Goals

Lesson 4: Your 10 Year Goals



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Length: 4:34


80% of Week 6

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]The first of the real goal setting lessons in the course. It’s time to define your longer term 10 Year Goals for all areas of your life.[/text_block]

Actions Steps


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Exercise 2

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  • Complete Your 10 year Goals

    Here is the first of the real goal setting exercises in the course and we are starting with the bigger picture long term goals. These do not have to be super specific, however you need to start with the fuzzy bigger picture goals so you can break them down into smaller more manageable chunks over the coming weeks.

    Download the Goal Setting Template above and you will see there are the 8 areas of life as tabs across the bottom. In each of these sheets you can see the goals are broken down into:

    – 12 Months
    – 2 Years
    – 3 Years
    – 5 Years
    – 10 Years

    There are 3 rows for you to fill in your goals for each of the above time frames on every one of the 8 areas of your life. This does not mean you have to have 3 in each section, nor does it mean you cannot have more than 3. If you only have 1 goal in some areas that is fine, if you have 5 in other areas then you will need to add some additional rows into the sheet and that is also fine.

    Take note of the columns used in the worksheet:

    Goal – Write down what you wish to achieve
    Why – Explain why achieving this goal is important to you
    Target Date – Fill in a approximate target date you aim to complete the goal. At 10 years this will likely just be a year, maybe even a month within that year
    Date Achieved – This is to be filled in when you do achieve the goal, a sense of satisfaction filling this in and comparing it to you target date

    Now onto filling in the sheet and completing your goals. This should be something you reflect back on regularly to remind yourself what you are trying to achieve and why!

    The 5 step goal setting process has been outlined:

    1 – Define What, Why and When
    2 – Conformity
    3 – Scope
    4 – Develop a Blueprint
    5 – Draw Up an Action Plan

    At the 10 Year goal setting you only need to really consider steps 2 and 3, Conformity and Scope. If you feel you have absolute clarity and can complete all 5 steps then absolutely fantastic get it written down. However we will be going into more detail on how to break this down in the coming weeks so don’t worry if your goals seem a little fuzzy for the 10 years, at least you have a rough direction to work towards.

    Some of the questions you might want to consider asking yourself at this level of goal setting can be pulled from The Goal Setting Process from Week 5 of the course.

    Now go and have some fun thinking about what it is you want in the next 10 years in all areas of your life as this is going to set the foundation for the next few weeks in the course where we get much more specific in breaking these down.