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What’s Your Purpose

Lesson 2: What’s Your Purpose



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Length: 12:54


50% of Week 5

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Find out what your big why is in life, why you do what you do and have some meaning to your life.[/text_block]

Actions Steps


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Exercise 2

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  • Define Your Life Purpose

    At this point you should now have your list of core values in order of importance top to bottom. You should also have built your dream vision for all 8 areas of your life and have that clear destination in mind to head towards.

    As long as you have these two then it’s time to define what your purpose is in life, what your big why is, why you do what you do every day.

    It’s really important to make sure that your life purpose is directly in line with your core values as a person and your vision for what you want in your lifetime.

    Download the ‘What’s Your Purpose Worksheet’ above and set aside some private quite time to work through the list of questions. There are a lot of thought provoking questions in here but do not question things, just write down whatever comes into your head.

    Some questions may need to be answered multiple times until you you’re happy with your answer but keep working on this until you have a clear answer for all the questions in the worksheet.

    At the end of the exercise you should have a 1 – 2 sentence statement that really embodies what your true purpose is in life. Once you have this you will feel a greater sense of purpose and being with life!

    Go and fill in your life purpose on the purpose tab of your life planner doc so you have it all in once place. You will also see there is a space to copy and paste your core values below so do that as well.

    Then every day read your life purpose statement and the core values you are living this purpose through. Do this every day until you no longer need to read it and can just recite it off the top of your head.

    As life progresses anytime you are confronted with a big or difficult decision the refer back to your purpose and values and the answers will come to you more easily than you could ever imagine!