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Accountability Partners

Lesson 3: Accountability Partners



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Length: 8:54


75% of Week 12

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]How to find the right accountability partner, the importance of having one and the process to follow to get the best results.[/text_block]

Actions Steps

Exercise 3

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  • Find an Accountability Partner

    As mentioned in the video this single exercise could be the key difference in whether or not you succeed in achieving all your goals and living your ultimate life vision.

    You now understand why having an accountability partner is so important so it’s time to find someone you can work with.

    How to find the right one?

    Find someone who is equally as excited and motivated to hit their goals as you are to hit yours. Someone who is committed to your success and theirs.

    When looking for one consider their core values and if they are in line with yours as this will form the basis of a good relationship.

    Choose someone who is a go-getter, you will find that you start holding yourself to a new standard.

    Choose someone who will be brutally honest with you. You should not be looking for someone who will rescue, fix or save you, you need someone to hold you accountable.

    The 16 Personalities?

    Make sure you have completed the 16 personality types test and also ask anyone who you think could be a good fit as your accountability partner to do the test as well.

    It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses when entering into a partnership, you want someone who has the qualities that you lack.

    A partnership means you’ll be giving back. Identify your strengths that might be helpful to your partner, and make sure you’re willing to provide constructive feedback even when it’s uncomfortable to share.

    Motivation Style?

    Also understanding how your accountability partner is motivated. Are they motivated towards the pleasure of succeeding or away from the pain of failing?

    It’s your job to hold them accountable but also to try and motivate them to achieve their goals so this is really important. Have this discussion early on and share what most motivates you so they can return the favour.

    Be clear about your expectations.

    Understand that whether or not you take your partners advice that each person must be 100% responsible for their actions and choices.

    Agree on consequences. So if commitments go un-completed consider a financial consequence or even just the process of verbally admitting it is often enough to motivate you to not let it happen again

    How often are you in contact?

    Once per week for the weekly review. This means enough time has passed to see what you have achieved but not too long that you forgot why you did and didn’t achieve things.

    Accountability partner relationships work best and last the longest when the calls are short and focused.

    The Process

    Once all this is agreed on you should work through your weekly review with your accountability partners. We went over this in a previous video but it’s a great series of questions to go through each week.

    Do your weekly review so you can access where you’re up to, look at what you did well and didn’t do so well and put your plan in place. Then jump on the call with your accountability partner so it’s all fresh and they do the same. This allows for things to run smoothly and quickly and it’s a simple step by step system you can follow on each call.