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The Action Plans

Lesson 2: The Action Plans



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Length: 9:37


50% of Week 11

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]How to use the action plans for your 90 day goals, prepare any resources needed and limit obstacles to ensure you achieve them.[/text_block]

Actions Steps


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Exercise 2

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  • Complete Your 90 Day Goal Action Plans

    Now it’s time to create your action plans for each of your 90 day goals.

    Start by making sure you have copied the template version of the worksheet and made a full edits access rights version in your Kaizen Success System folder.

    This should then be moved into the correct quarterly folder for that year as this is what you will be referring back to for the next 90 days. For example the Q1 2017 folder where your Q1 2017 Kaizen Success System worksheet will be sitting.

    Once you have that you need to make a copy in the correct folder for each of your 90 day goals. Name it something obvious so you know which action plan is for which goal. This is where you will complete steps 4 (develop a blueprint) and 5 (draw up an action plan) of the 5 step goal setting process.

    Now for each of your 90 day goals start by selecting which area of your life the goal is in at the top of the action plan worksheet. Then copy the goal over from your 90 day goals along with filling in the due date on the right hand side.

    Next is your current position, which is where you are right now. Consider this an opportunity to see where you are and where you want to get to so you can determine how to bridge the gap in the next 90 days. Also place todays date you that you’re setting the goal in the todays date section.

    The resources section is a place for you to identify any people you feel you need to help you achieve this goal and any tangible physical items as well. If the resources are people then consider where they are needed in the action steps section further down the worksheet.

    The potential obstacles is just an area where you can try to see what might cause this goal to not be achieved in the next 90 days. If there are obstacles list them here and then determine what the solution is ahead of time so you can be sure you can work around it and not get stuck at the obstacle.

    Finally the action steps section breaks the 90 day goals down into the 13 week blocks. As mentioned in the video there is technically 12.85 weeks per 90 days but work with the 13 weeks blocks.

    The idea here is to again take the 90 day goals and chunk them down into a numerical value on a week by week basis. Or to take the larger 90 day goal and break this down into smaller weekly tasks that will see you achieving the 90 day goal.

    At this point you can get as detailed as you like. Chances are the first 4 weeks will be a lot more detailed when you first fill this out than the remaining weeks however you can add to and edit this at any point.

    This is where the weekly goals from the Kaizen Success System worksheet really comes into play. You can now take these and move them into your 5 weekly goals to complete. Then when you have those 5 weekly goals you can start to look at your Ivy Lee Rule of 5 and how you can do specific things each day of the week to ensure you achieve your weekly goals. If you are achieving them then this means your 90 day goals will be meet and then your 1 years goals and bigger will too!